Saying Goodbye

“And I’ll take with me the memories to be my sunshine after the rain. It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.” It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To YesterdayBoyz II Men


“Parting is such sweet sorrow.” Said Juliet to her love Romeo. In this case it was to our family on the West Coast. Every time I look at this picture I smile 🙂 I sit and contemplate how precious life and family really are. I’ve been truly blessed to be given the family I have. We’re not perfect and we don’t have everything altogether all the time, but we definitely know the worth in each other.

This was hard. Saying goodbye to these girls took conjuring up the strength of thousands suns to hold back the tears. From Hayley’s crazy mood swings to Rayann’s dramatics, they definitely kept it interesting and I love them so much for that. (Left: Hayley Middle: Me Right: Rayann)


Evy (my sister featured below) did a life changing move. She lived in Williamston NC and moved all the way out to WA on the opposite side of the country with her two girls. That was pretty brave and what a great move it turned out to be! I will miss her dearly 😦


Kenny is such a fun guy. He’s always pretty positive and usually has some humor wrapped up into whatever he’s saying. It’s always funny and he’s enjoyable to be around. 🙂


And of course the last faces we look at as the Nissan Quest minivan closes it’s doors. I won’t miss that dreary sky. Look at it! But I will miss them.


Danny (my brother featured below). We will see him again. And soon. 🙂


Overall, the stay was really quite an experience and I will never forget living here for 1.5 months. The things I did and the newness of it all was something I wouldn’t trade for the world. But you know, the road awaits us. And there are many more things to conquer and places to explore. Farewell Aberdeen WA, HELLO IDAHO!



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