About This Journey

side mirror road

Hi there. I’m Heather Wilkins and I embarked on a journey across this beautiful country this past summer. How cool right?! Having traveled a wee bit before, one of my only regrets was that I didn’t document my experiences very well. I would take a few photographs but I relied mostly on my own memory and just sucked everything in that I could. What I realized was that it’s hard to go back in your memory bank, especially if you have a bad one, and pull those experiences to the front without good VISUAL documentation. That’s what this blog is for. It’s also for you all to experience it as well 🙂

The Trip: My parents and I flew to California and spent 8 days there hanging out with our cousins. We then drove up the Pacific Coast all the way to Washington where we enjoyed a two month vacation visiting with my sister, her uncle and my nieces. Myself, my niece and parents then drove across the country, taking the middle route back to N.C. We have visited Seattle, Montana, California along with so many AMAZING places! If you want to catch up on the journey, please feel free to explore! Our journey started in May and mine is continuing even still. So come and join me through my posts! Leave a comment, tell me if you too have visited these places or just say hi.

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