Cha-Ching! Casino Time

“The best things in life are free. But you can give them to the birds and bees. I want money.” Money – The Flying Lizards


Yeah, yeah, yeah so I know I wasn’t supposed to take pictures while I was in there BUT I HAD to! It was my first time in a Casino! In Washington, the only gambling that you will find will be on the Reservations. This one was Little Creek Casino and Resort located in Shelton WA. It seemed pretty typical of a casino or at least the idea of them. After visiting another Casino near Aberdeen WA this one looks pretty similar. It’s very clean and has two sides: one smoking and one non 🙂

I can definitely see how one can get roped into gambling. For myself, I’ve never been one to gamble on anything. I usually play it safe. From the start, as a new player you receive a card to use in the machines. The casino will give you $5 complimentary to start off with. You can take it to any machine or table and use it to bet. So of course I took mine to a slot machine. INSTANTLY I won $7! Cool right? I could have cashed it out, but obviously didn’t so played my $7 and lost it all. 😦 That was the last time I played. Like I said I’m not a gambler because for me, money is too hard to come by. Now I may not have been lucky but Miriam sure was!



I believe Miriam won around $40 that night! Wow! Forty dollars doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s $40 she didn’t have before. What can ya say? Some people just got it like that. 😉

Afterward we went into the bar area and had some drinks. There was a cover band playing (nothing out of the ordinary). We enjoyed ourselves. Watched some drunk people fall down and on top of each other. All in all, we had a good time. It was a pretty neat experience and glad I can say I’ve been to casino. 😀


So Miriam, think you can lend me a $20? *Hehe*

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