Pinedale, Wyoming

“I wanna be the only one, for miles and miles, except for maybe you and your simple smile. Oh it sounds good to me. Cowboy take me away.” Cowboy Take Me AwayDixie Chicks



(July 16-17, 2015) Back out on the open road, riding through Wyoming we stopped at a little cafe in Farson, Wyoming named “Mitch’s Cafe”.

farson wyo2farson wyo3

It was a neat little place. I will say that I have enjoyed the mom and pop shops that are in the western part of the U.S. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this side of the country, you don’t see a lot of fast food places at all driving across. When you take an exit there’s usually nothing there (maybe a gas station) or possibly a “mom and pop shop” 10 miles down the road. On the eastern part of the U.S. there are tons of fast food joints and at every single exit you will never go hungry. Driving through the west was refreshing 🙂

When we came out of Yellowstone we looked for a place to stay. We drove through Jackson, Wyoming searching fervently for a place to rest our weary bodies. What we found were a continuous line of overly priced hotels, inns and motels. The cheapest place was $300 a night but it wouldn’t have mattered. Even if we had that sort of money, we wouldn’t have been able to stay because there were absolutely NO VACANCIES in this town. It was a tourist trap and conveniently placed directly outside of Yellowstone. After many calls, they mentioned that there may be a vacancy in Pinedale which was around 1.5 hours down the road. We decided to drive on and after calling several places in Pinedale we were guided to a bed and breakfast called, “The Chambers House Bed & Breakfast”.


In the past and my own experiences with Bed and Breakfasts, they have always been very expensive. We were apprehensive to stay there but really had no choice due to all of the hotels and inns being full. The price was VERY reasonable and that worried me. We thought since the price was reasonable it probably wouldn’t be anything worth staying in…boy were we WRONG. This place was SO AMAZING! It was so clean, it was a log cabin but was sophisticated in every way. It was so cozy and clean. We really fell in love with this place. The owner was friendly and the next morning her and her daughter made a DELICIOUS breakfast. I believe there were eggs, scones, biscuits, meat, orange juice etc. It was wonderful and I strongly suggest staying at the Chambers House Bed & Breakfast when and if you are ever in Pinedale.

After our stay, we stopped into to this Cowboy gift shop before we left. They had more than just gifts. This was a working cowboy shop.


They sell saddles, boots, hats, rope etc. They even sold a combination of footwear:


We all got a tickle out of these. I contemplated buying a pair but decided not to. :p We even saw real cowboys coming in to buy rope and other things.


This is one of the last real cowboy towns in the west. It’s definitely worth visiting if you are in Wyoming. It really felt like a cowboy town. I will never forget this place. I’m still trying to figure out how I can move here 🙂

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