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Glacier National Park

“So I’m packing my bags for the Misty Mountains where the spirits go now. Over the hills where the spirits fly, oh, I really don’t know.” Misty Mountain Hop Led Zeppelin

(July 15, 2015) I stepped out of the van, took a stretch and like a punch to the face I was taken by surprise. Whilst picking my jaw up off of the ground, this glorious and wondrous feeling swept through me. It felt like butterflies fluttering through my stomach and up into my heart; this was Glacier National Park.


There’s absolutely nothing else to say. Any more words would be lost by how amazing this place looks and is. Truly, this is one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen.

Kalispell, MT

“In a big country dreams stay with you, like a lover’s voice fires the mountainside. Stay alive.” In a Big CountryBig Country

(July 14, 2015) state has a not-so-nice area or region, however I have not found it thus far. Montana amazes and astounds at every turn. This wasn’t lost in Kalispell.


This town gives you the feeling that it possesses history while also displaying modern living. Mountains play softly in the background of what looks to be a town that stepped out of the old west. In fact, there is one place here named, “Moose’s Saloon” where they have saloon doors and there was some talk of having those same swinging saloon doors since their established date but of this I am not certain.


We were hungry and in need of nourishment and this place looked cool. It was definitely different because the people were NOT friendly who were serving us.


It may have been deliberate or unintentional, either way it wasn’t my favorite place but I definitely appreciated it for what it was. We made it a good time anyway 😊

If I lived in this state I would sit outside every day­ ­­- on not so cold or hot days – and gaze at these mountains. I have fallen in love. Too bad I have no interest in ranching. :/

Wynoochee Dam

“Well, way down yonder on the Chattahoochee it gets hotter than a hoochie coochie.” Chattahoochee – Alan Jackson


That song was all I could think of when the family told me we would be going to the “Wynoochee Dam” to swim and picnic!

The dam is made up of glacier water that has come off of the mountain and rested in somewhat of a lake. People swim and boat in it and that seems okay but you can imagine  my concern; for what else would I be worried about than how COLD that water would be?! YES! It was definitely cold. Tolerable but cold. It is definitely not like rivers or lakes in NC but it’s to be understood because of it being glacier water!



Swimming was fun and I have to say I’ve been swimming more this summer than I have in the past two summers combined!


It’s really cool because there are picnic tables set up at different locations for people to eat, hang out and grill if need be. I kind of thought it was odd that you could grill out in that heavily wooded area. This summer has been considerably dry and everyone in our party was a bit worried about sparking up the grill. That worry left when the stomachs began to growl.



It was absolutely beautiful…looking around at all the trees and even the dried up light brown grass. LOL


The trees are definitely beautiful in Washington; like no other. And THIS guy seems to be in ALL the shots! (Kenny)


So we’re swimming in the dam and all of a sudden Kenny says, “Hey look! It’s Smokey!”. We all thought he was teasing but he wasn’t! It really was SMOKEY THE BEAR! He was walking around the beach and greeting everyone.


I was lucky enough to meet him and get his picture. I can’t believe I’ve met Smokey The Bear 😉


Basically I really enjoyed the Wynoochee Dam.